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All-Purpose Cloth Wipes - Bamboo Terry | Cloud | 12 Pack | EDR | M/B/T

All-Purpose Cloth Wipes - Bamboo Terry | Cloud | 12 Pack | EDR | M/B/T

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Baby Shower coming up? Need a Super Sweet, Unique gift?                                    Check out these Eco Friendly, Reusable, Recyclable All-Purpose Cloth Wipes; That will last years.

12 Pack, RAINBOW top Stitching.

Gift these Luxuriously Soft, Cloud Shaped, Bamboo Terry Cloth Wipes or keep them for yourself!

All-Purpose Wipes are excellent for: Bath Time Wash Cloths. Family Cloth (Reusable Toilet Paper). Diaper Wipes. Dish Washing Cloths. Makeup Removal. And so Much More!

Approx. 10.5"X6"                                                                                                                     2 Ply                                                                                                                           Incredibly Absorbent                                                                                                       Super Soft                                                                                                                           56% Bamboo Viscose                                                                                                        24% Organic Cotton                                                                                                          20% Polyester                                                                                                                    100% Cotton Thread  

~Raw fabric has been Washed and Dried several times on Hot to prevent shrinking of finished product.~

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