About Me

I'm Jessie. I started sewing when I was 4-5 and got my first sewing machine when I was 6. I am now 34. Being homeschooled, home ec was a big deal and sewing was a big part of the classes. I got away from sewing when I was a teenager and when I married and moved around a lot for my husband's schooling and then for work. One day I got board at home alone after work and pulled out my machine and a few scraps of fabric I had sitting around. I made myself an apron. And from there I made probably 100 more over the next couple years. We moved several more times but I made sure to keep my sewing machine out. I started making baby blankets, bibs and lovies, and did a few craft shows and farmers markets. My things got a lot of looks but very few sales. "I love these, too bad I don't have anymore babies." Was something I heard way too often. My Etsy shop did much better as far as sales went but my independent Square website did even better. But not great. Over the years I started switching my household to more reusable everyday items. Mostly for health reasons. I really wanted to get away from as many environmental toxins as possible, especially since I had babies of my own now and didn't want them exposed to all that crap. We switched to Cloth Diapers when my oldest was 18 months old. I made my own wipes with paper towels and homemade wipe solution but with my second I switched to cloth wipes. During that same time we switched to Unpaper Towels and All-Purpose Wipes and threw out all our toxic household cleaning products switching them for vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Around this time I switched my business from baby items to Household Reusables.Between my second and third babies I switched to Cloth Menstrual Pads. The changes to my health personally were crazy by just removing the little things from our home and replacing them with clean natural options. We also do other little things like not using soap on our bodies or hair and only using homemade lotions when we need them. We emptied our allopathic medicine cabinet and filled it with homemade and 100% natural, herbal remedies. 5 ish years ago I had over 1,000 followers and group members in my business account on Facebook. Then I changed my business name from Jessie's Hobby Shop to Caring For. and I lost all but maybe 20 followers. I had to shut down my old page/group and set up a new one with the new name because of stupid FB rules. I have been slowly rebuilding my following on FB. And boy has it been slow. In 2020 FB did not like my opinions on how the world was going and shadow banned me, and even blocked me for a long time. I am finally, slowly coming out of the shadow banning. But I have had do be incredibly careful with what I post on my personal account to make sure it doesn't happen again. At one point, when you clicked on my FB group to request to join, you would have gotten a pop up notification saying that this group was basically a radical organization and should be avoided. Yep. People sent me screenshots. Last year I out grew my Squarespace website and switched to Shopify. It has been so much better. I also started posting to TikTok and have a wonderful community over there. I just started working with a social media manager and am praying that working with her helps grow my audience back up and helps to get me more sales. I average 1-5 sales a month. Which is not sustainable and I have been operating at a loss for years. But I love what I do and I love helping the people that I have over the last 4-5 years. I love helping people and love seeing them heal. I pray I am able to reach many more people and help guid them to a more healthy existence and help to spread the joy I find on some level every day in the knowledge that my Creator knew what He was doing when He made us and that He loves us and provided everything we need to live and thrive in nature.

About My Products

I try to stick to all natural fibers and organic where possible in anything I sew/make by hand.

I also use only high quality organic or handcrafted ingredients for anyting in my Apothecary.

I only partner with and carry products from other like-minded woman owned businesses that also use only high quality, organic or handcrafted ingredients.


Need help or have questions? Use the Chat Feature to talk with me directly or email me at caringforshop@gmail.com