The Donelle Gale Collection ~ Meet the Artist Behind these Amazing Prints

I want to introduce myself. My name is Donelle and I am a homeschooling mother of 3, a Wife, and an acrylic paint pour artist. 🎨
I enjoy creating art as a way to express myself and seek emotional refuge.
I connect with our Creator and create as I go most of the time. I don't usually think it out. I don't measure anything. Everything is very "go with the flow". That's what I enjoy about the creation process. I allow it to unfold, I pray about it and beauty transforms onto the canvas. If you're in need to some art message me. '

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Meet the 3 Women I have partnered with to fill the First Moon Cycle Boxes with so many Amazing Handmade/Handcrafted Goodies!

Kayla is a warrior for Jesus, wife, mama of 5, an herbalist, and a social media manager. She is passionate about many things, but to sum them all up, her main passion is helping others grow holistically (in health and in
business). She’s very intentional with her time and projects and hopes that God’s light will shine through everything she does. She is the founder of Intentionally Fruitful Social Media Agency and Mama’s Herbal Home. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Mama's Herbal Home; Christ centered, handmade herbal remedies shop based in Alabama. Add to your home herbal medkit with these God-given remedies.

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Amanda. Owner and educator at Nothing Lost, has an angle when it comes to educating new menstruators about their bodies: she doesn't. Instead, she
offers insight on how to create bonding moments between caregiver and child, by mentoring caring adults on how to approach discussions and prepare their children for their first period. Talking about puberty can revolutionize the way we think about our bodies and guide our children to self love and connection to themselves. Starting to menstruate isn't a loss- that's a societal falsehood steeped in patriarchy. Childhood can carry on as it did before, and no one has "become a woman". Menstruation can bring us a more meaningful
understanding of self and the world we live in- its a gain, not a loss.
Let's start talking about it that way!

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Hello my name is Juliet Pittman, I'm the owner of "Pittmans soaps and such LLC", as well as "All Baruch Photography." I do all sorts of things! I love creating! Anything from soaps, paintings, to other forms of arts! I love to see the happy faces of all my clients! We're all beyond blessed in this world, the best thing we could ever do is create!