What Brings Our Customers Back

I found Jessie’s shop a few months ago, never having tried reusable period products and not sure how it would go. I wound up buying six small pads with some pad covers just to get started. Since then, I have completely gotten rid of disposable pads and have bought many fantastic designs and sizes from Jessie’s shop. I am very happy with everything I’ve gotten especially with how well they work! I especially love my newest addition!

- Katrina B, 2023

OK, I'll be honest with you... When I bought them I really only planned to use them if we had a shortage again like we did with toilet paper. But when they came in, I was so impressed with the quality and how soft they were, I had to try them! They were SO much more comfortable than traditional pads. And it wasn't as big of a deal washing them as I had expected (I'm a huge wimp about bodily anything). So well done! I have already been sharing my experience with several people so I will be sure to pass along the sale info to them as well.

-Alyssa L., 2023

These unpaper towels have become a staple in our home! From cleaning up daily messes, to drying my lettuce leaves! They're the perfect size and absorb way more than I thought possible!!
Jessica H., 2023

Beautifully made and works so well! These are the first pads I've tried and I'm very impressed. Very comfortable and of great quality. Highly recommend.

Dulce S., 2022

I purchased the tie die bundle set. First off, I love the design, it makes me feel like there's something special about the whole process instead of it being an inconvenience every month. Secondly, the pads are amazing! Very well made, very comfortable, I almost don't even remember they're there. I am back to buy more - I'd like to have enough to make it through every stage of my period. Thanks so much Jessie! I love them!

Leah S., 2022

I purchased some unpaper towels and washable pads from Jess. First of all I love how soft the material is for everything. The unpaper towels- I actually use for kitchen towels too. The material is durable and well made. As for the pads I couldn’t be happier. MUCH more comfortable then the crap you buy at the store. They stay in place well and I’m happy to be saving money spent every month on feminine products. Jess has been great to work with and has provided fast shipping. I highly recommend ❤️
-Kelsi, 2022

I really like the sunflower burst pattern which is why I purchased one of your bundles! It is very absorbent, even on my heaviest of days shopping at Home Depot. I was sure I had overflowed a pad but nope, everything was right where it should be.
The length is perfect for me. The placement of the snaps is spot on. The fabric colors you chose work great as even when there is some staining after washing, it blends in with the fabric.
Washing is a breeze. The included wet bag is a genius idea and has come in handy. I was really worried about wearing these outside of my home and having to bring my dirty ones home but this was easy!
I’m a first time user and I am definitely hooked and telling all of my friends. I have a younger daughter who when ready, I will introduce cloth pads to her as well.
Thank you so much for including me in your testing phase! Keep doing great things!
-T.S., 2022

Hey Jessie! I just want you to know I have had such a positive experience using your products! I never realized how bad disposable maxi pads were (not only bad for the environment, but also my body). The change in my period is incredible. I have had very little cramping and a shorter cycle. ❤️ The fabric you use is so soft and comfortable, and I no longer have skin irritation! Thank you, thank you, for putting yourself out on the social platforms, and picking tie dye as one of your fabrics! The makeup remover wipes are amazing as well!! You’ll be getting another order from me soon! 😊
-Sarah B., 2022

I recently ordered the Zippered Travel Tote Set, thought they were adorable when they arrived, but fell in looooove with them when I used them on my most recent road trip! They are the perfect assortment of sizes, and kept things tidy/easily accessible. The fabric/lining is durable, the print is mess forgiving, the zippers zip with ease, and they were a compliment magnet! - Miranda B, 2021

I use these lovely soft little makeup rounds in my business to clean & sanitize some of my small tools in my lab. They are lint-free and wash nicely. It is such a wonderful alternative to disposable sanitizing wipes!! By purchasing a couple dozen, I was able to have enough for a couple days worth of work before having to wash more! They are also just the right size to store in a repurposed glass candle jar. These will last me a long time and are totally worth every penny. Thank you Jesse! - Misty L, 2021

Jessie is absolutely amazing at what she does! I am loving the unpaper towels and how absorbent and durable they are! She gave me her homemade salve to try for FREE with my purchase and within the 24 hours I've been using it on my hands, I have felt and seen an incredible difference!
-Rose C, 2021

I just got my unpaper towels! I immediately rolled them on to our paper towel holder. I haven’t tried them out yet, but they are so much softer than I imagined! They feel so nice!
-Emily P, 2021