Your Plastic Period

It's so common for girls as young at 8 years old to get their period. That means they are using disposable menstrual products for what, 12-18 years before they (for the most part) start thinking about having babies.
So along with all the other toxic crap out there that messes with fertility, they have to worry that their menstrual products may be causing it as well? 😐
Did you know the first disposable period products are still out there somewhere? It is estimated that they take 500-800 YEARS to break down. And when they break down they are still just as bad for the environment. They break down into Microplastics and go on causing mayhem for eternity.
Not to mention the other things they are made with. Paint stripper anyone? Bleach? What about that sickeningly sweet scent? "Synthetic fragrances can be made from a cocktail of up to 3,900 chemicals, according to the Chem Fatale report. These can contain chemicals which are carcinogens, allergens, irritants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs).
EDCs in particular are a worry as they are linked, not only to breast cancer and infertility, but to many other reproductive diseases and disorders such as endometriosis."
Need to level up your period game?
Tired of the bad cramps, chemical burns, reoccurring yeast infections or UTIs caused by plastic period products? Tired of not finding the right size/absorbency? Have you been using 2 or 3 disposable pads at a time stuck in your underwear like a bad game of Tetris? 
Ready to switch to natural fibers that are super absorbent, long lasting, friendlier to the environment and to your body and are also super cute? Not to mention they come in a large variety of lengths, widths and absorbencies?
You can also build your own pad bundles and use code BUILDAMINI or BUILDABUNDLE(check homepage of website for more information).
We have Pads in sizes/absorbencies including:
8" Light
10" Moderate
12" Heavy
14" Heavy
16" Heavy+/Postpartum
18"-20"+ available via custom order
All sizes come in Original, Flare and Wide.
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