Specialty Cloth Menstrual Pads - ILP

What are ILPs?
Inter Labial Pads are small 2-3 layer absorbent mini pads.
They are used as a wick or buffer to slow down and direct heavy gushing menstrual flows to the center of your menstrual pad and help keep everything from gushing and leaking off the edges or wings of your pad while the fluid is being absorbed.
ILPs are worn by folding or rolling them to your comfort and sticking them between your labia minora. The ILP should sit comfortably between the labia minora just covering the vaginal opening. Do not insert into the vaginal opening, they are not Tampons. But you want the ILP to be the first thing your menstrual flow hits when it leaves your body.
The ILP will begin absorbing the flow and slow it down, directing it to the center of the pad below it.
ILPs are also used by some as a stand alone mini pad for Daily Discharge, Pre or Post Menstrual Spotting or Post Spicy Time activities if there are fluids that are draining out of the vagina.
Make sure that you keep track of your ILP when you use the bathroom. Fishing them out of the toilet before flushing is not the most fun experience. IYKYK
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