Steps to Detox

Steps to Detox
1 - Prep.
Before we start removing toxins, heavy metals, mold, parasites, etc. from our bodies we need to provide them with the least resistance possible.
If we don't prep, we set ourselves up for some pretty nasty side effects, known as herxing symptoms. (
How do we prep our bodies to detox?
-First and foremost we need heal our guts. The fastest, easiest way to do that is with a diet lifestyle change. Check out the GAPS diet here.
-Also, just as important, we need to prep by opening our detox pathways.
Clear out/open our pores, wake up our lymphatic system, cleanse/heal/support our Liver and Kidneys.
• Clear out pores - Dry brush, work up a full body sweat, do armpit masks, foot soaks, etc.
• Wake up Lymphatic System - Dry Brush, rebound, jumping jacks, lymphatic massage, use L-stimulate EO's from HBN, etc.
•Cleanse/Heal/Support the Liver and Kidneys -
Many of the same things that are healing for the liver are also healing for the kidneys. There are so many liver cleanses out there. HBN has lots of liver loving options, KBdetox EO for kidneys and bladder, etc.
2 - Detox/Cleanse
Now that our body is prepped and our detox pathways are open, we can start getting rid of all the nastiness living in our bodies.
There are many products out there to choose from.
I recommend Binders, Liver and Parasite Detox Kits/Products from HBN, Worm X Parasite Cleanse from, you can even use things you might already have at home. Garlic, cloves, walnuts, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, castor oil, and so much more.
My #1 recommendation is Fulvic/Humic Acid. It not only chelates heavy metals, molds, yeasts, parasites, etc. It also contains 70+ trace minerals, 70+ electrolytes, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and flavonoids. It is completely bioavaible, works on a cellular level and even crosses the blood/brain barrier so it is able to reach every part of the body.
3 - Repeat
Make Prep and Detox a regular part of your lifestyle.
We never stop being infested or exposed to toxins. So healing will be a lifelong endeavor.
*Author is not a doctor. And can not diagnose or give medical advice.
If you have medical related questions please reach out to your licensed health care provider.*
Who's ready to get started?
~ Jessie
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