Dosing while Cleansing

Let's talk dosing.
Products do come with dosing instructions on them. But when starting something new, especially a detox treatment, I like to "build up to" the dosing on the packaging.
Take Fulvic/Humic Acid for example. It's such a powerhouse supplement that if you are suffering from a toxic overload in your body, and you take a full dose of Fulvic right off the bat, odds are you are going to suffer some pretty serious herxing symptoms.
I suggest always starting with Fulvic Powder and start with foot soaks for at least a week to see how your body responds. Then start internally with the lowest dose you can. For some people, dipping a dry toothpick into the powder and using that to stir their 16oz glass of water was all they could handle for a week. And they slowly built up from there.
If you are starting internally with the powder, start with 1/64 teaspoon in 16oz of non chlorinated water for a week. If that is too much lower the dose. If you don't feel any effects, up the dose.
If you are starting with the liquid drops, start with 1-2 drops in 16oz of water for a week. And increase slowly from there.
Black Seed Oil is also a powerhouse supplement. And something you will want to take slow to start.
Try 1-2 drops under the tongue followed by water once a day. Then increase following your comfort level.
Worm X is incredibly strong and I recommend starting with the child's recommended dosing and working up to the adults recommended dosing.
Yes, the goal is to cleanse yourself of all the parasites, heavy metals, etc.
BUT, let's do that carefully, while listening to what our bodies are telling us. Herxing is not fun. And we don't have to go through it to any extreme extent.
An explanation of Herxing and ways to manage it. ⬇️
*Author is not a doctor. And can not diagnose or give medical advice.
If you have medical related questions please reach out to your licensed health care provider.*
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