Cycling. Why? How?

>>Typically a 7 days on, 7 days off schedule where you take one or more anti-parasitic on a rotating cycle.<<
Why do we need to take such a long time to cleanse and why do we need to cycle our anti-parasitics on and off during our cleanse?
📸 Picture this:
A single mommy parasite 🪱 takes up residence in one part of your body. She then proceeds to lay thousands of eggs. While she is alive, she secretes a hormone that keeps the eggs from hatching.
When she dies she stops secreting that hormone and the eggs begin to hatch. And the newly hatched parasites proceed to expand their territory and lay eggs of their own.
Now imagine this process repeating itself but with multiple species of parasites, all living their lives happily in your body at the same time.
🔎From my research, I found that the best way to handle the situation is to cycle a few different anti-parasitic's at a time for a 3 month period. To try and catch all the newly hatching parasites as they hatch and before they start laying eggs.
I have found that cycling 7 days on 7 days off is a good place to start. You may also like to overlap your anti-parasitic's, for example: Take one anti-parasitic for 7 days, then when you stop taking that one for 7 days, start taking a different one for 7 days, etc. Or start your second anti-parasitic on day 3-4 and overlap them. 
🤔 It makes sense of you think about it. Hit all the different species by using different types of anti-parasitic's.
***Do your own research always before starting anything or combining anything.***
🗓️After the initial three months hitting them hard you will want to continue to do maintenance monthly especially during the week of the full moon as that is when they are usually most active.
🏃🏻‍♀️Parasites tend to be more active on the full moon. They come out of their hiding places and move around. So it's easier for anti-parasitic's to reach them faster.
🌙 Anti-parasitics still work without a full moon it just takes longer because the anti-parasitic's and the binders and everything have to work away at the biofilm and remove all that to get to the parasites.
✅Which is what we need, we need all that biofilm and built up crap gone too.
🌎Just like how the moon influences the ocean and our menstrual cycles, births, psych patients... Psych patients actually take meds that are very high in heavy metals and that is probably a huge reason why they are so much affected by the full moon. Parasites also feed on and retain heavy metals.
🪢Whatever products you choose as anti-parasitic's, make sure you are using a binder/chelator at the same time. Fulvic/Humic acid, Activated Charcoal, Bentonite clay, Chlorella, etc.
Something to grab onto toxins, heavy metals, parasites, etc. and help remove them.
🚨And be sure to start low and slow. Don't dive in head first and high dose everything. You want to avoid harsh herxing symptoms if you can.
What is herxing and how to manage it ⬇️
*Author is not a doctor. And can not diagnose or give medical advice.
If you have medical related questions please reach out to your licensed health care provider.*
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