Specialty Cloth Menstrual Pads - Gushers.

What are Gushers Pads?
First, let's talk about the name. I did not name this style pad. That honor goes to the style designer, whomever that was many years ago. I get the comment all of the time that I "should change the name". I have also gotten those weird, why did you feel it was necessary to not just keep scrolling comments like "I would NEVER use those simply because of the name!" or "GROSS".
The thing is, in the Cloth Pad Community, the style name is well known and no one thinks twice about it. Gusher pads come in all shapes, sizes and absorbencies. Some Makers make them every restock and some won't make them at all because of how time consuming they are to make.
Wether you like the name or not, if you have a super heavy, fast, gushing flow or if you experience light to mild bladder incontinence and are not using Gusher Pads, you are missing out!
Gusher Pads are the same shape, length and base absorbency as our regular pads. But they include 4-5 extra layers of absorbent fabric that goes under the topper and on top of the core of the pad. These layers are sewn down to the core in stripes or designs like stars or hearts, etc. and then slit open leaving one layer still covering the core. These slits will fray and open the more you wash the pad and that is exactly what you want.
The more the absorbent layers in the slits fray, the more tiny wicks there are to reach out, grab and direct a fast, heavy, gushing flow of fluid to the center core to be absorbed and held out of the way. If you have a clotty flow the slits will also hold onto those and keep them from sliding around and making things uncomfortable. If you have light to mild incontinence, the slits make channels for the flow of fluid to help keep it from just running over the edges and wings of the pad while it is absorbed. ** Our Gusher Pads and our Regular Pads are suitable for light to mild bladder incontinence like stress leaks when you laugh, sneeze or move too fast. They have NOT been tested for partial or full bladder empty and are therefore NOT recommended for that use.
Our Gusher Pads are Available in our 3 Shapes - Original, Flare and Wide.
And in Lengths/Absorbencies from 12" Heavy to 16" Heavy+/Postpartum.
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