Do Cloth Menstrual Pads Leak?

Do Cloth Menstrual Pads Leak?
The short answer: They can.
The long answer: When they leak it's usually user error.
"Jessie what? That's rude."
Let me explain.
The 2 main reasons a cloth menstrual pad will leak are
1- You didn't choose a long enough/absorbent enough pad for your flow that day and you leaked over the side ether with a heavy gush or you filled the pad too quickly and it overflowed.
2- You did choose the right length/absorption pad and you decided to skip changing for too long. Maybe it didn't feel quite full enough last time you used the bathroom. Or maybe you got distracted and forgot to run and change in time so your pad is over full now and is leaking over the sides.
Basically, filling up and leaking over the sides is the only way Caring For's Cloth Pads leak. As they have a waterproof/resistant backer on them that has been tested several times.
Just like with disposable pads, if you choose the wrong length/absorbency they are going to fill up and start leaking.
Unlike disposable pads, they will stay in place and not slide around making the leak worse. Since the moisture from the leak will not interfere with any adhesive. Our pads are held in place with wings that wrap around the gusset of your underwear and snap in place. And the Organic Cotton Fleece on the outside helps them grip to your underwear and stay in place.
Get your Cloth Menstrual Pads here. And reach out if you need any help with sizing!
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