Disposable Menstrual Pads vs Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads. A Price Comparison.

I had someone message me *shocked* the other day that 1 pad cost "so much".
If you are not used to quality and are just looking for sweatshop cheap products (we call them china cheapies), there are plenty of places to find them.
Just remember that you get what you pay for.
I love and appreciate all of my customers that appreciate the hard work and skill that goes into my products. And the fact that as a small business owner/operator I do everything from research and development, to testing, to product manufacturing, to website development and marketing, to customer service, to packing and shipping and so much more.
And I deserve to be paid for my hard work.
The difference in price for a single Cloth Menstrual Pad vs a package of
Disposable Pads seems outrageous to some.
Let's talk about the differences.
*Picking the most popular brand right now on Amazon for comparison.
Always Radiant Feminine Pads, Size 2 Heavy Flow, 36 count, $10.33.
Size 2 are generally 11.5" long, across multiple brands.
The absorbency does not go to the ends of the pad, it tends to stop an inch from each end, depending on brand. Absorbency wise it is comparable to Caring For's 10" Moderate Cloth Pad.

If you have a heavy flow you may go through 7+ changes a day and several overnight. Let's round down and say you change 5 times a day and your flow is 5-7 days. That package of 36 is going to last you 7.2 days changing 5 times a day (not counting night time changes). You may need more or less depending on your flow that week. Especially since these are marketed as "Heavy flow" and are only about a moderate flow.
A menstruator can get their cycle 1 time a month (if they are regular and do not have conditions like Endometriosis which can cause bleeding for months on end.) for 30-50+ years. Lets say 45 years. If all you ever used was the brand/package listed above, that would cost you $5,578.20 in your menstruating window. That's just one brand, one size, changing only 5 times a day and does not take into account over night changes.
Now let's talk about Reusable Cloth Pads.
Keeping in mind each pad can be washed more then 100 times. A stash of 40 pads could last 4,000 washes.
If you are washing each pad once a month that would last you 333 months or 27 years.
But let's say you can only wash them 50 times each because wear and tear happen, especially with moving parts/snaps. That number gets cut in half. So let's say a stash of 40 pads lasts you 10 years.
I sell Cloth Pad Starter Stash Bundles (10 Pads) for $189.39. That X 4 (40 pads) is $757.56 for a cloth pad stash that could last you 10+ years.
How long will you menstruate? 30-50+ years?
Let's say 45 years.
You would be replacing your 40 Cloth Pads approximately every 10 years at $757.56 for 45 years. That would be approximately $3,409.02.
This is all an approximation. Everyone's needs are different. For both Disposable and Reusable Pads, you may need more or less. Lighter flow Cloth Pads are smaller and less expensive then Heavy+ flow pads. The 10 piece Starter Stash Bundle I used as an example is 15% off the total of what buying them all separately would cost.
You may find you need extra Disposable Pads to be able to change more often and reduce the smell they create. You may also need to change more often due to Disposable pads losing their stickiness and sliding around or bunching.
Fun Facts:
Caring For's Cloth Menstrual Pads are made with all Natural and Organic
Materials. This brings up both the quality and price of the products.
Caring For's Prices not only incorporate the cost of Natural and Organic Materials, they also include 28 years of Sewing and Design Experience.
Caring For's Prices are on par with other Makers with similar quality products, in both the US and Canada.

Did you Know? You can find Cloth Menstrual Pads for much cheaper from places like Amazon or Wish. But you get the quality you pay for.
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