Parasites. What to do?

So many people think parasite detox is a "one and done" deal during the full moon, or whenever.
I did. Until I dove into some research.
It's not.
If you have them, you HAVE them.
And EVERYBODY has them.
Picture this:
A single mommy parasite takes up residence in one part of your body. She then proceeds to lay thousands of eggs. While she is alive, she secretes a hormone that keeps the eggs from hatching.
When she dies she stops secreting that hormone and the eggs begin to hatch. And the newly hatched parasites proceed to expand their territory and lay eggs of their own.
Now imagine this process repeating itself but with multiple species of parasites, all living their lives happily in your body at the same time.
From my research, I found that the best way to handle the situation is to cycle a few different anti-parasitic's at a time for a 3 month period. To try and catch all the newly hatching parasites as they hatch and before they start laying eggs.
I have found that cycling 7 days on 7 days off is a good place to start. You may also like to overlap your anti-parasitic's, for example: Take one anti-parasitic for 7 days, then when you stop taking that one for 7 days, start taking a different one for 7 days, etc. Or start your second anti-parasitic on day 3-4 and overlap them. 
It makes sense if you think about it. Hit all the different species by using different types of anti-parasitic's.
***Do your own research always before starting anything or combining anything ***
Gut health while cleansing is one of the most important parts of the process and is actually Step 1.
There are so many lifestyle diets out there but you will want to choose one like GAPS that concentrates on gut healing.
•••Fun side note: Parasites can control your food cravings. They also have a big hand in hormone imbalance.•••
Step 1.5 is opening and keeping your detox pathways open. Support your liver and lymphatic system.
Liver cleanses and dry brushing.
Rebounding, lymph massage.
Armpit masks and foot soaks.
Chiropractic care.
Regular BM's, enemas.
Full body sweating, saunas.
All the things. 🙃
Step 2 is as mentioned above.
Start cycling your anti-parasitics.
Watch your mood change, skin conditions improve, libido improve, weight loss start to happen easier, more energy, less brain fog, more of the good as the bad starts to dwindle.
Step 3 is Repeat.
Prep/Diet and Detox should become part of your daily life. And it's as simple as dry brushing every morning before your shower, taking a shot of lemon, evoo and cayenne before breakfast or coffee in the morning. And cycling your anti-parasitic's at the same time before breakfast.
It can honestly be done all around the same time in the morning before breakfast. Then you go on with your day as usual. Tossing in an armpit mask here, a foot soak there, jumping jacks during a 5 minute break at work, etc.
It doesn't have to consume you. Just becomes an easy part of your normal routine.
After the initial three months hitting them hard you will want to continue to do maintenance monthly especially during the week of the full moon as that is when they are usually most active/out and about breeding.
Whatever products you choose as anti-parasitic's, make sure you are using a binder/chelator at the same time. Fulvic/Humic Acid is what I recommend.
Something to grab onto toxins, heavy metals, parasites, etc. and help remove them.
And be sure to start low and slow. Don't dive in head first and high dose everything. You want to avoid harsh herxing symptoms if you can.
What is herxing and how to manage it ⬇️
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*Author is not a doctor. And can not diagnose or give medical advice.
If you have medical related questions please reach out to your licensed health care provider.*
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